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OUR BUSINESSbailey Metal Processing Limited.

What We Do

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction.  We recognize there are many steel processing companies to consider. At Bailey we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and truly appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance to you. We are committed to our customers, ensuring we deliver quality at great value. At Bailey we pride ourselves on not only offering a variety of processing services but also solutions to your varied and specific needs.

Bailey Metal Processing has a strategically located steel processing facility to better serve our customers across Canada. The customers we serve come from a broad range of industries and serve a variety of markets.  

Our experience, as a leading provider of lightweight steel products, taught us that every industry and every market provides unique challenges. That is why we work so hard to make sure our processing, distribution, and transportation capabilities are designed to ensure that our customers have the material they need; when they need it.